About Susan

Susan was born and raised in the small town of Mount Vernon, Washington. From a young age, she yearned to experience the excitement and rich diversity of a large city. At 16, she worked out an agreement with her parents: If they allowed her to attend The Lakeside School in Seattle, she would pay the tuition with money from her summer tutoring business. Susan thrived at Lakeside, delighted with the exceptional teachers, broad curriculum and the infectious enthusiasm of her fellow students.

Her love of learning then took Susan to even larger cities: First to Occidental College in Los Angeles, then to the University of Heidelberg.

These powerful academic experiences taught Susan a most valuable lesson: True education isn't a simple act of memorization of facts, but rather learning how to learn — developing critical thinking skills and complementing them with imagination and curiosity. This aptitude, combined with Susan's genuine interest in people, led her to the field of investment consulting.

In 1991, Susan earned her securities license and became a financial advisor. Ever ambitious to broaden her knowledge, Susan completed the Certified Investment Management Analyst course at The Wharton School in 2004. Through this rigorous program, she was taught by some of the world's leading authorities on subjects such as modern portfolio theory, international investing, asset allocation, risk management and performance measurement. The knowledge gained through this course has been instrumental in developing financial strategies for her clients.

Today, Susan is living a busy and rewarding life in the Seattle suburb of Lynnwood, with her daughter Evietta and son Adrian. When she can, she indulges her love for opera, the outdoors and travel. She is an unapologetic Francophile.